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Too Close 

Kite sat on the spectator seats of the arena. He watched as two Greek demigods spar in the center, which slowly went from center to the western part of the arena. Clearly, the demigod to his right was much more powerful than the opponent. However, he wasn’t interested in that. The brunette was mostly interested at how the Greeks fight; their strategy while sparring. He would also predict what moves they were going to execute, and he would predict with a 98% accuracy.

He hunched over, his chest to his knees, with his crossed arms as the barrier between the two. It was quite cold but he didn’t bother to bring a jacket with him. The only thing he brought was a notebook and a pencil. A sigh escapes his lips. He was bored, but he still needed to take notes of how the Greeks fought. 

Virgin - Manchester Orchestra


Spent the whole day in a secluded part of camp, practicing my hearing. Turns out you can mute out noises, but it takes a lot of focus to do so. Like, a lot. I’ve managed to single out various noises, like the sound of the chirping birds. Or like, the grunts of one of the monsters in the forests. 

I’m still learning how to do this muting thing. It’s hard when no one teaches you how to do these stuff, especially when you only know a couple of individuals who has the increased hearing ability and the skill to mute things out. Like, literally. Two individuals; one is Rose, the other is Father. And they’re both nowhere near me.

When I get better at this (which I hope I do), eavesdropping and spying would be significantly easier to do.

Be right back, a bunch of kids are fighting over the last cookie in the cookie jar.

Cave Hobo Pervert and Bad Temper Girl. [Kite and Noelle] 


She purses her lips, thinking of a way to answer without agitating her head. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a long time as she opens her mouth to speak. “I’ve seen Lord Apollo’s car. Or I could conjure a cloud? And your dad is the guardian of the bridge between here and there, right?” she asks, pulling up a weed then flicking it off her hand. “And no. But I’ve read in stories that some heroes eventually win the war and the gods have a debt to them, so…” she shrugs. “There are a lot of demigods, and it’s not impossible for one of them to be owed by the Norse gods. Just very very improbable.”

"I’ve asked him once if I can go in." He said, remembering the several times he had asked, with all the answers either being ‘no’ or ‘someday’. "Father said no. I mean, he won’t even let me take a peek, much less go inside." He continued. "And you’re right. It’s not impossible, but knowing how Norse Mythology works, the Gods will be more likely to send the hero to Valhalla once he or she is dead, then tell him or her everything.” 

Cave Hobo Pervert and Bad Temper Girl. [Kite and Noelle] 


She tilts her head to the side, poking and prodding at the idea in her brain until it turned to mere equations and oversimplified visions of death and destruction. “Could be plausible. I mean, we are kids born of mortal and mythological blood. We can see things others can’t, which can be turned to mere cases of schizophrenia and the world could be ending as we speak,” she says, starting to play with the grass she grew underneath her palm. “Well, that’s true. When I tried learning Norse in middle school, it was almost impossible. Too many possibilities and inconsistencies,” she chuckles suddenly. “Hey, what if we went to Asgard and just asked the gods themselves?”

"Mh, probably." He muttered, deciding to not dwell on it too much. If his head wasn’t hurting so much, he would’ve given a more thoughtful piece to the conversation he and the girl was having. I should really learn how to mute out certain noises, he thought to himself. “There are two problems with that,” he said after her suggestion. “First of all, how are we supposed to get there? And two, do you really think the Gods would just tell us everything?”


While going back to Camp Half-Blood after buying a new pencil (and a bunch of other things, like a jar of honey), this happened.

{Attached: USB containing the video.}

I have a love/hate relationship with that song.

If you’re wondering (which you can’t, because you’re a journal), that’s my friend outside of camp. I know, I know. ‘How can someone be friends with me when I’m such in a pissy mood all the time?’ 

I don’t have an answer to that. Maybe he does.

Other than that, today was an okay day. Much better than yesterday, at least. Did some training, but mostly stayed inside the cabin making maps (and basically avoiding other campers, because they’re a bunch of annoying little fucks). 

There was this one kid who was screaming for no reason, so I hit him upside the head. That shut him up.

Cave Hobo Pervert and Bad Temper Girl. [Kite and Noelle] 


She shrugs again. “I’ve been hearing rumours literally everywhere. Somehow I found demigods, Greek, Roman, and Norse all around. Some not more than 6, powers going whack,” she clicks her tongue, remembering those times when she had to battle a crying 7 year old because he froze his own lollipop. “Something iffy’s going on. There’s this series about demigods that I’ve read before, but they were all Greek. If Norse kids existed even before that… why are they only showing up now?” she says, more to herself. “Though, I think he does that here too,” she flinches at what she just said. “Judging by the amount of sleepless nights I’ve had.” That weren’t caused by sudden monster attacks in camp, or trying to figure out why the world hates me.

"Maybe the cosmos have something to do with this." He said, his hands mimicking the motions of expanding galaxies. "Or maybe planets from different galaxies have aligned with their star!" He looked around the cave as if he just received an epiphany. "Yeah, no. As about the Norse showing up now," He placed his hands behind his head again. "The Gods probably just remembered that they had kids with mortals. That, or they’re much more secretive about our existence. Or possibly, we’re just too obscure." He joked. "I mean, come on. The only reason we know Norse Mythology even existed was from the Eddur, runic inscriptions, and oral preservation. Even then, it’s still quite complicated.” He explained, remembering the time he was in Ancient Norse class in Norse camp. He turned to his side, adding nothing to the girl’s last statement. 

Cave Hobo Pervert and Bad Temper Girl. [Kite and Noelle] 


His voice is near now, she notes. But she doesn’t turn around, as her head starts to clear a little bit. Is this how demigods react to alcohol? She thinks, then lets the flame turn blue to green to white then back to yellow. “Well, that isn’t a surprise,” she replies. “It’s like almost everyone Norse that I know knows who my half-brother is before I did.”

"Heh." He chuckled, laying back down on the floor. He covered his eyes from the light emitted from the flame, as it was slightly blinding for him. "What is surprising, though, is that he agreed to go to this Greek infested camp. I thought he’d rather bring in easy women into his cabin and fuck them senselessly than go here undercover."

Cave Hobo Pervert and Bad Temper Girl. [Kite and Noelle] 


She shrugs, still trying to trace where he is by just listening to his voice. I must look like an idiot right now, she thinks, but waves it away without any other thought. “Sorry, still mortal,” she retorts, not even bothering to raise her hands. “Well, I thought you were you before. You probably weren’t pretending, you were changed,” she reaches the conclusion on her own, and leans on a rock wall. She looks up at the twinkling stars, a sight she hasn’t seen in a while. “‘Cause I can tell when people are being genuine,” she snaps her fingers, letting a flame appear between her pointer and thumb.

"Then I’m just a really good liar." He said, sitting up and leaning on his elbows. He looked at herthen to the flame she formed. "Oh! Fun fact: I know your brother, way before you even told me."